Another government webbie blogging

Darren Taylor, head of the central web team for the Northern Ireland Civil Service, has recently started blogging. Darren’s got a particular interest in accessibility so it will be interesting to follow his thoughts, especially as his technical knowledge appears to be light years ahead of mine.

He’s already posed a few thoughts in response to my recent post about government beginning to get social media, including a social networking site for MPs and a pan-public sector wiki for publishing FOI releases. Like the last one in particular and have heard others mention this before as a good idea.

Darren also makes a pertinent point about the flavour of the month social networking sites (Facebook et al) and asks ‘has much changed since Geocities’? Thinks may be a bit more sophisticated now and there’s more scale to the audience but I think the nub of his point rings true.

  1. Thanks for the nod Jeremy!

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