Tom Watson on transformational government

Tom Watson, the MP blogger and cabinet office minister responsible for e-government, spoke at a conference yesterday about how technological change will redefine government’s relationship with the citizen. Its well worth a read.

Interesting to note his thoughts on the civil serf story – a very promising approach and much more measured than the scare headlines that have been knocking around in the press (have they learnt nothing from last time?)

Looks like there will be interesting times ahead for us working in and around government online.

    • The Norm
    • March 11th, 2008

    From the gossip I’ve been hearing she won’t be the first civil servant to be sacked for blogging.

    The Welsh blogosphere has had its casualties in the last 8 months and is turning out like Stalin’s Russia. We’re having trouble finding out who the sacked Welsh civil servant blogger is.

  1. Really? Missed that story. Any links?

  2. yep. very inspiring. maybe we have a real egov leader ;] (gosh, my cynicism .. gone).

    still doesn’t get the marketing though …

    ‘Ensuring that all content held on government web sites is fully accessible to the major search engines.’

    is that it? biiiiig gap here.

  3. @Paul Can’t change the world in a day. Its a good start and clearly he’s open to a bit of crowd sourced opinion. You should tell him.

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