Governance of Britain – an update

There is so much going on at the moment that I completely forgot to point you to the fact that we have updated the Governance of Britain campaign site that we launched last December. I say we, but I have personally had very little to do with it this time round.

Luckily Simon Dickson is still involved and the refreshed site looks much more like the kind of thing we envisioned first time round (when we only had a few days to lash it together). Well done Simon for making it happen.

We’ve now got two new elements on the site designed to engage users – prominent use of video and a deliberative discussion area. The idea is that both will be updated regularly and will feed off each other, video representing the real world conversations and events, the site for online. Be interesting to see how it works out.

  1. It’s a truly great site, and I’m not sure it gets quite the exposure it deserves considering just how important the concept is – it’s a landmark in online consultation by government. We’re not just talking a blog or a forum here, but bringing together threads of online debate with real social tools.

    I’ve used it (mk 1 edition) as a model to sell in similar ‘hub’ sites in my organisation, and we’re working on a project inspired by GoB right now for launch next week (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that)…

  2. Well its taken a long time in gestation to get where it is now and its only really beginning to bear fruit now in terms of integration between offline and online engagement.

    If I was paid to embed social web stuff into the policy development cycle, I would have set up many more of these by now in attempt to mainstream the approach as widely as possible. Sadly I’m not.

    Look forward to seeing your new stuff.

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