view from my window

view from my window

Originally uploaded by Jeremy Gould.

We’ve been moving offices over the weekend and today I was in with some colleagues checking our kit all worked before the others come in tomorrow.

We’ve moved from Victoria Street to the old Home Office building in Petty France (two minutes away) but a quantum leap in terms of space, facilities and location.

We’re right next to St James Park and this view shows you are general location in relation to Whitehall – not too shabby I’m sure you’ll agree.

The only problem is that it’s at least two minutes more walk to Teacamp 😦

There are a few more photos of the place in my flickr stream if you are interested.

    • andrewlewin
    • August 11th, 2008

    I was feeling sorry for you when I heard that the time for the move to Queen Ann’s Gate had come – it’s a building I’ve never really liked. But from the photos it looks like they’ve done a pretty good retrofit with the atrium area, etc.

    Is everyone moved in or is it a work in progress? Some areas look very empty thus far!

  1. Its a long way from full capacity – 6 months I think. But you wouldn’t recognise it from before, come and visit!

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