1. Welcome back ;]

    Good points. To which I would add .. and for their next move they should sack John Suffolk!

    • alex
    • March 3rd, 2009


    Good to have you back ( although the world still kept rotating even without whitehall webby postings ).

    Hope life in Ireland does not keep you cut off for too long. All those euros are going to go so far in GB now you should be able to travel back a bit


    • cormacheron
    • March 3rd, 2009

    Nice one Jeremy. Got me thinking:

  2. Hi Jeremy. Will this be a full return to blogging or a one off?

    Agree with your points re digital engagement job. Especially 3 🙂

    I’ve just posted a response to the latest ignorant anti-web rant by the old media. I think they’re making hay while the sun shines – they won’t be able to write this kind of nonsense for much longer.

  3. @Neil – see my latest post 🙂 Liked your rant, couldn’t agree more.

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