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Teacamp tomorrow

In case you are reading this before Thursday 2nd October 2 – 4pm, its Teacamp tomorrow. Usual place (search this blog if you have no idea what I am talking about). Hope to see you there[ READ MORE ]

Teacamp this Thursday

For those web people not away on their holidays this week, a quick reminder that its Teacamp on Thursday afternoon (21st) from 2pm to 4pm. If you haven’t been before we meet in Cafe Zest on the second floor of House of Fraser on Victoria Street in London. Pop along and meet others interested in [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Reminder: teacamp tomorrow

I honestly thought we might not bother with informal meet-ups over the summer as many civil servants are off with school holidays and recess. But I’m told there’s a fair few people planning to come along tomorrow (Thursday 7th) so if you fancy having a chat with other people interested in all things government web, [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Teacamp tomorrow afternoon

Quick reminder that its the regular teacamp get-together tomorrow afternoon from 2pm to 4pm in Cafe Zest (which is on the top floor of House of Fraser in Victoria Street, London) for government web type people. I missed the last one, and only floated around the last few due to pressure of work, but I [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Reminder: teacamp this Thursday (19th)

I don’t often post announcements about the teacamps here, but at the last event somebody asked me to do so. Teacamp is an informal get together of people interested in government web and other online shenanigans. There’s no membership list, no agenda, no obligation to hang around (or even turn up). It’s simply an opportunity [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Teacamp this afternoon

Teacamp, aka UKGovWeb afternoon tea, is on this afternoon. I haven’t promoted it here for a while, but just in case you weren’t aware of it I’m letting you know. Teacamp is simply an informal opportunity for people who work in and around government online to sit down, have a cuppa, and chew the fat. [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

What I’ve done

  • July 14th, 2009
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For the last year I have been keeping a low profile but I’ve still managed to undertake projects for the British Council and Oxfam as well as providing digital marketing consultancy for a range of small businesses. I’ve also built a rather smart website for an artisan cheesemaker based in Bath. You should try the [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

view from my window

view from my window Originally uploaded by Jeremy Gould. We’ve been moving offices over the weekend and today I was in with some colleagues checking our kit all worked before the others come in tomorrow. We’ve moved from Victoria Street to the old Home Office building in Petty France (two minutes away) but a quantum [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Gadzooks! I missed my birthday :-)

As I’m going through one of my (reasonably regular) “neglecting the blog” phases at the moment I failed to recognise that somehow Whitehall Webby has made it to the ripe old age of one. I started writing here on 29 April 2007, when I was helping the Cabinet Office to produce a report on government [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Where do government webbies fit into e-government?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the group, or community, of people within government who manage websites, intranets, blogs, wikis and other digital communications channels. There aren’t that many of us around considering what we actually do. We’re also not very good at organising ourselves so consequently we don’t have the representation we need [&hellip[ READ MORE ]