What I do

When I was working in Whitehall I was often asked the question (mainly by my colleagues it has to be said), what do you actually do?

Lets start with what I’m not.

  • I’m not a graphic designer
  • I’m not an information architect
  • I’m not a coder or programmer
  • I’m not an IT specialist

If you’re looking for someone to do any of these types of roles, you need to look elsewhere (though I can probably help you with that).

So, what I do and what I can help you with?

Well, I describe myself as a digital pragmatist.

I have the experience and expertise of working with a range of digital media to help you identify your online requirements – and make the connection between those and the web technology or tools that can deliver them.

Equally I enjoy working within (and around) constraints. Whether they be financial, organizational, technological, political (with a small ‘p’) or whatever. I enjoy the challenge.

Anything is possible online, but in the real world there are always constraints and I can help you to identify what is realistic and achievable.

The kinds of things that you might need that I can help you with include:

  • Developing a real world web strategy
  • optimising content – using language that has resonance, structure, presentation etc
  • website thinking
  • approaching social media / web2.0
  • online engagement and facilitation
  • integrating digital channels into your business
  • using web tools for knowledge gathering, reputation management etc

If any of this makes sense, then we should talk.

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