John Suffolk blogging – does he need webby design help?

Props to Ian Cuddy at PSF for spotting that John Suffolk, the UK government CIO, has recently taken up blogging. Its great to see this level of openness from a very senior official (he even has a link for his work email account at the bottom of the page) and also his decision not to follow the crowd and get WordPressing (might upset one or two people…)

But am I being a bit of a webbie pedant when I see that he’s using Comic Sans as his main content font? I mean, its not comic its criminal.

Come on John, smarten up a bit please if only to satisfy the eyes of web developers across Whitehall (if you need the number of one of them for a bit of design advice I’d be only too happy to help). But please, please keep up the blogging.

  1. As the saying goes, Comic Sans is NOT a Font!

    But great to see such a senior official blogging.

  2. Couldn’t agree more – its definitely a step in the right direction.

  3. You were right, the font was a bit dodgy, but not as dodgy as the typepad editor.

    Let me know what other changes I should be making.

  4. Good sport John! I’m not a regular Typepad user myself, but am sure there is an easier way. Will throw out your request for suggestions to other government webbies.

  5. There may be a comment posting problem on John Suffolk’s blog.

    There are no comments on the latest post, which is an interesting one. I thrice tried to post a comment but got a message that it couldnt be accepted.

    If I’m blacklisted I’ll stop trying. But it may just be a blanket problem.

  6. Add ‘tweet this’

    • John Suffolk
    • August 13th, 2009

    Jeremy/ William/Paul.

    Now using word to upload, it appears easier. William not sure I would know how to blacklist. All posts are open, and are posted immediately.. Paul, I thought I had, but I was flicking backwards and forwards between the typepad beta version, so I might have just messed up

  7. John

    Your welcome to nick my code to add to template, email me if you can’t find it

    • MIchael Bowyer
    • August 11th, 2010

    I think just add the link to twitter.
    Yes using word is easier John, for me just to make sure my spelling is ok :-)!

  1. September 2nd, 2009
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